Monday, March 2, 2015


So yesterday Nana made Davy a diagram of the solar system, except he wanted all the little planets she had cut out. So he brought home from Nana's house an envelope of tiny little planets which he played with until he lost some of them. Then he had an epic tantrum. Finally we got him to go to bed for the night, but he decided to take his planets with him. Can you see where this is going to go? That is right, a night full of him losing his planets in bed and then crying because Jupiter is lost!!! So I finally printed out some large versions of the planets, laminated them and sent them to bed with him. When Jupiter is the size of a dinner plate it is difficult to lose it anymore.

While he was playing with them I started asking Evangeline which planet was which, to see if she has picked up anything from David's obsession. Sure enough she know her planets too! Crazy smart kids.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Today we went to the store and David asked for carrots, he held them all through the store and then wanted to hold them on the way home. When we got home he wanted to eat some of them, so we gave him carrots and Evangeline got some carrots too. Later tonight Evangeline went into the kitchen and got out a bunch of carrots and took one bite out of each. Just one bite.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Words and ABCs

Recently we have been working with Evangeline with therapists, she has a developmental therapist and a speech therapist (who we haven't met with yet) and a physical therapist. Anyway her developmental therapist had us start making a list of words that she says and this has got me really listening to her to see what words she actually knows.

While I have found that she knows a lot more words than I thought she does I also discovered that she is saying phrases as well. Things like, "There it is!" "Where'd it go?" "Its a..." and more. I also found the other day that she knows most of her letters. I was putting away some puzzles and found a letter puzzle and thought, "Hey why not see what she knows." Turns out she knows all her letters except for maybe two or three. Crazy! She also knows some of her numbers and some of her shapes. I guess David is a good influence.

As far as David goes he has started to do basic math, such as basic addition. Smart kids!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last year a female orb weaver spider set up shop outside our sliding glass door. Being a person who does not like spiders but is fascinated by them in controlled circumstances I started to watch it. Kevin joined me and soon we were checking on it nightly, sometimes staying up late just to watch it build a web or eat a meal. We watched it mate and then fall came and it disappeared. Then we had one of the coldest, harshest winters we have ever experienced out here. In fact last winter broke records for how cold it was. Understandably we were shocked when the spider showed up again this year. She was HUGE but happy and seemingly healthy. So we took up watching her again. Tonight I went to check on her, because last night was rather weird. Last night she did not come out and remake her web and a male orb weaver was wandering in the web. Tonight the old web still stands with no spider out to take it down and make a new one, instead I saw a tiny baby spider rappelling down our door. I think it is official, Charlotte is gone and a new generation has replaced her. I am ironically sad for the first time that a spider has died and I actually hope that one of her babies takes her place.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sleep, it is one of those rare things when you become a parent. When we had Davy it was rather easy, he slept exceptionally well for a baby and allowed me to get better sleep than what I realized. We kept him in a bassinet until he was like six or seven months, basically until he was too big for it. Then we moved him over to a crib. His bassinet was in our room, the crib was in his room. It was a big transition for me.

When it came to Evangeline things were more difficult. She was a cluster feeder. She liked to eat every two hours. So she woke me up a lot at night, and she didn't really sleep through the night until she was almost a year old. She started in a bassinet co-sleeper, and stayed there for a good long time, then I moved her to a crib but put it in the spare bedroom so I didn't have to trek all the way across the house to get to her, instead I just slept in there with her. Finally after Kevin protested enough times I left her in there and went to sleep in my own bedroom. This, it turns out was just what I needed to do to get her to sleep through the night.

So at this point she has been sleeping through the night quite well. I have been wanting to move her into the kid's room so that she isn't all by herself in the spare room. But I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Then today Kevin and I started talking about it and how it would be nice to move the hope chest out and put the crib where it was. Kevin was too sleepy today to help me with it before work so tonight before the kids went to bed I cleared out the area for the crib and drug it out of the spare bedroom and into the kid's room. I won't say it was easy, in fact it was quite a lot of work. But now it is done and based on how quiet it is I think it is successful so far. We shall see if Evangeline sleeps through the night or not. I am crossing my fingers.

Zip Zip Zippers

Davy has recently (as in within the last few months or so) figured out how to work zippers. He loves to use his new found knowledge on things like his jacket, toy containers that are closed with zippers, and his jammies. This has led to some of the more numerous of his toy messes, as well as his tendency to come out of his room in the morning without his jammies on. Today the kids were playing happily in the other room and I decided to check on them. I called both their names, Davy came up happily and said, "Hi Mama!" Evangeline giggled happily every time I said her name and eventually came over, as she rounded the corner I noticed that she was naked except for her diaper. "Someone" had helped her unzip her jammies and take them off. It is fun to see how "helpful" Davy can be when it comes to his sister.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


One of my memories from my childhood is going to look at lights. It usually happened when we went to visit my grandparents out in Iowa. Everyone would pile into one car and we would drive around the small town of Boone Iowa looking at all the lights. There were some nice houses but after awhile it got too warm and our little drive got too long and I would become bored and ready to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I have thought about taking drives with Davy to go look at lights, but in the previous years he hasn't been all that interested.

This year however things are changing. Wednesday night we went over to visit my parents, they were setting up their tree and wanted us to come over to help. After helping and then socializing for a bit we got ready to go home. Nana took Davy outside and walked down the sidewalk with him a bit to look at the neighbor's lights, Nana hasn't had a chance to get her lights up yet. Once we got everyone in the car and took off all Davy could talk about was the lights and the colors and how it was all "so pretty". So I decided to drive us around a bit before going home. We drove through my parent's subdivision and there were some pretty houses. Then I started on home. Davy was happy as long as there were lights to look at, but as we drove through town the houses got sparse and the businesses became more frequent. He was a bit upset by this by the time we got to our street. So I decided to explore our neighborhood a bit before going home. I drove down a few streets and then down one I saw a house that was flashing and bright. So I drove down the street and discovered it was a house with dancing lights. Dancing lights (as I like to call them) is where the homeowner has set up the lights on their house to flash or dance to songs. They usually have everything set to broadcast the songs to a radio station, so you pull up in front of their house, tune your radio to the station they have posted in their front yard and then watch the lights dance to the music. I don't remember how long we sat and watched and listened but Davy LOVED it! I foresee more light viewing drives in our future.

On Thursday we set up the tree. Davy helped us to decorate it, and now keeps trying to take ornaments off the tree. We have tried to erect a barrier around the tree, but it doesn't deter him much. He is excited by it all though. I have made a few paper ornaments this year, which are currently on the tree but may end up hanging from the ceiling. We will see.